Backlot | lecture @ SAE Cologne

that is a project from a lecture i gave last week at SAE Institute Koeln.
in the lecture we were only able to create and implement the architecture into UE4 from scratch. to get the wall texture look good, took some time though.
today i threw some of my old props into, just to show off


Risen 2 Lightning

i just found this old Risen 2 thing.
this video shows the Risen 2 lightning texture and then the corresponding particle effect.
the texture had 3 greyscale masks put into RGB channels.

the particle effect was bound to the hero, and was always spawned 200-300 meters away from him. the particle chose randomly, where the particles were spawned arund the hero. the sequence itself was also random. the effect was supported by light effects in the sky. and sounds. both was not neede to be in synch with the lighning, since this is also not the case in reality


SAE Cologne GABP413, unreal engine 2 day lecture, industrial sci fi

in this lecture where we did everything from scratch 8used UE4 particles though) we reiterated baking in 3dsmax and also brought an animated basic mesh into the engine
i tweaked it some minutes afterward
Music : Bolt Thrower

SAE Cologne GABP413, unreal engine 2 day lecture, horror tunnel

the outcome of the lecture from november 2014 at SAE institute Cologne. we tried to achieve some kind of a horror hallway in the unreal engine 4 from scratch.


we have a tunnel with sound from freesound.org the door blasts open, then the lights go out and we have a levelchange inside the opened room, and then flickering light and then another levelchange to the start again. we covered asset importing and processing, a bit of material shaders, and basic blueprinting 


3ds Max 1 minute tutorial: How to wrap a helix around other geometry

This can be useful for any kind of leather coated grips, be it knifes or swords
The Helix itself is not suitable, since its polys are not aligned properly.
Use the Sweep modifier insted and turn off banking.. Check the video!


Risen3 Screenshots

Some environment screenshots from our current game Risen3. greetings to the best art team, this was a good time!enjoy


some screenshots of an early prototype for the lave themed islands